translated from Spanish: Mochis Pre-New starts bluntly THE DEBATE

Seminuevos Mochis bluntly started his participation in the 2019 Summer Veterans Football Tournament. The sellers beat Deportivo Pacheco 7 by 0. Othoniel Berrelleza led the winners’ attack with 2 touchdowns, followed by Jair Márquez, Carlos Morales, Omar Cabrera Arturo Flores and Leo Martínez.
Ramcell also had a good offensive day by beating Plasma-JAI 7 for 2. Carlos Rodríguez was the offensive strut of the cell phones when they shipped with 3 sobs, followed by Manuel Salazar with 2 and José Armenta with 1. Tigrillos FC had no problems defeating Arquiblock 4 for 1. Adam Lopez, Iván Vivanco, Gumaro Meza and Jhon Reed scored for the felines, while Oswaldo Meza scored the discount. With annotations from Jesús Figueroa and Alberto Soto, Fixman 72 beat Jaime Cervantes 2-0 “El Mochicano”. The Colorado had to be employed thoroughly, but eventually imposed 4 per cent on Karina Sandoval Salon-IPV. Aaron Arreola repeated annotation, followed by Kein Bojórquez and Dandy Lopez. Carlos Tirado concreted all three of the Infonavit. Santiago Diesel hit Agrícola Esperanza 3 for 2. Carlos Cota, Jorge Valenzuela and Carlos Espinoza scored for the winners, while Bismark López and Omar Ruiz did the same for the farmers.
La Juárez FC and Eléctrica Rocha starred in an entertaining 4-way draw. Noé Bedolla scored a couple of times for the first, followed by Alonso Vázquez and Edmundo Quintero. Manuel Ruiz, Paúl Beltrán, Ruiz Rodríguez and Alberto Zazueta scored for the electricians. Super Warrior-November 20 and Info FC also split points equal to 2. Fabián Guzmán and Carlos Ramírez scored for the 20, while Michell Villa made the 2 of the Info. With the same score ended the duel between Jorge León-Sinaloa Paper and Bimbo. Rubén Cota and Leonel Nuñez scored for the paper, while Josué González and Angel González did it for the bakers. First of May and Colonia Jaramillo also tied for 2. Modesto Ruiz and Luis Olivas toured for the ejidatarios, while Jaime Osuna and José García did the same for the settlers. Huglas Luna-Pit Pan and Seafood Chelsy tied one. Erick Heredia and Ivan Flores were the scorers.

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