translated from Spanish: Agustín Casanova and the challenge of starring in «Aladín»: «I trust in me, beyond my limitations»

We saw him cheering parties, in front of dozens of people, and being the voice of one of the tropical music ensembles that revolutionized summer. Now, Agustín Casanova arrived at Avenida Corrientes at the head of a show for the whole family: «Aladín: it will be great». The musical of Marisé Monteiro, directed by Ariel del Mastro and produced by MP and Ozono Producciones, with a cast composed of Fernando Dente, Julieta Nahir Calvo (Jasmín), Dario Barassi (Genio), Agustín «Soy Rada» Aristarán (the Visir Jafar) and Carolina Kopelioff ( Nadima); go back to the Gran Rex Theatre to say goodbye to this winter holiday for good. For his return the production chose Agustín to be Aladín from Monday to Friday, during the week, while Fernando Dente continues to star in the show Saturdays and Sundays.
How was the show to join these instances? In dialogue with Filo.News Agustín told us how it was that first moment, that he witnessed the show and was encouraged to headline the show, which also has two consecutive performances per day.» Getting there when everything is armed is a little easier. Luckily, I was very well integrated into the cast, so it became easier for me,» says the former vocalist of the musical ensemble Márama.

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Many times the opposite happens. Starting to integrate a group or project where everyone knows that it is fully organized can mean an obstacle to cross. That was not the case for Augustine. «I was lucky enough that people here are crack, literal,» he says. It’s about cheering
The moment the singer entered the room and saw the show was key to deciding whether or not to accept the proposal. «I doubted whether to accept, as I knew it was going to be very difficult,» he recalls. When I saw what it was, I said, ‘I don’t even do this with sticks.’ Everyone danced, they flew, they sang well, they acted well and I thought, ‘I’m not ready and less so to be the protagonist’,» adding a friendly tone to the conversation. The producers convinced him. There began a process of proof and error, trial and delivery. «I was put by all the coaches that existed and among all the people were molding me, type clay figure, and now what you see on stage, it’s thanks to everyone,» Augustine acknowledges.

Agustín Casanova is Alundin Photo: Instagram @agustincasanova_

It all meant a challenge, a step by step. Did you dance before you joined the cast? «I danced in the bowling alley when I went out for a drink,» he says with a laugh. «Did you see everyone dance? I had to rehearse like a dog,» he adds humorously. She practiced steps at home, and also in hotels during her tour as a singer. «I can imagine the neighbors watching me dance alone,» she says. I needed to try to dock myself and not be so exposed, because it’s real; obviously if we compare someone who did dancing all their life with someone who never did dancing, it’s impossible. It’s very difficult to keep up with this and more because it carries a lot of physical condition. They’re all giants,» the artist says. The truth is that the singer’s performance on the track is not a surprise. Let’s remember that the relief happened a few years ago, when we were able to see his talent in the ‘Dancing’ (2016-2017) with many of the rhythms in which it was shown.

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Augustine knows he’s trained. «I have training for the tours. I look strong. I did a lot of shows: in one night I’ve come to do seven,» he says, what’s the key? «Resting and eating very healthy. I lead a really healthy and strict life but I also give myself my tastes. My great hobby is playing compu. I’m lucky enough that if I was going to do this it was a lack of respect not to give up. For me, if someone does, that’s fine,» he adds. Although throwing yourself into the unknown can often generate nerves, this was not the case for this artist. «I don’t usually get nervous because I trust myself. I know when I give absolutely everything, beyond my limitations. I’m not a mask to myself: ‘August here you can, but if you’re going to come out give it your all.’ So, since I’m so sure I’m going to give it my all – that doesn’t mean people like it – I don’t get nervous. You called me and I delivered everything,» says it fun but firm. Beginning a career as an actor
Although his professional career was marked with singing, Agustín Casanova incorporated the performance. Her debut came with the Pol-ka telenovela «Simona» (2018), which she starred with Angela Torres and Gastón Soffritti.He also made a special appearance in the Net TV series «Millennials» and now we see him at the helm of the musical «Aladín: it will be great». However, I didn’t think about being an actor.

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«Not even by sticks. It’s a world I’m experiencing, it’s about getting into someone else’s shoes. It’s a bit of a weird world for me, but it’s getting more and more interesting every day. I hope I get to the level of what I feel when I make music, but it’s harder because I have a lot of stage I feel safer and with more tools there. I have more uncertainty in acting,» he says. Two actors, one character
Connecting with the character to be played is one of the main points for an actor. «I get along tremendously well with the character,» Agustín confirms, although he had to get used to the theater, which is a rather different format to television. «It costs me some things that have to do with where to direct voice and energy,» he adds. Once immersed in the play, rehearsal was composing his character. «My Aladdin is different from That of Fer (Dente), it is more playful and childish, because I am actually like that. From the beginning I said, ‘What I’m offering is this.’ It’s like I’m like I am and it fits, because the character is half child and playful. Then, from there, a very good energy began to be built above the stage,» he says.
From day one he has a good relationship with his leading partner. «With Fer we get along very well from day one.» He wouldn’t tell me anything and I often would ask him to ‘Fer throw me some picks,’ but the things they said to me were very punctual, and always from the heart. ‘Look, this is good to do’,» he says of the behind-the-scenes.» I have tremendous respect because I know that Aladin was formed by him, I only come here to fulfill a function and yes, I fall in love with the magic that goes on above, always taking care of what he manufactured,» he adds. On stage
«Upstairs on stage I feel magic. I don’t know how to explain it, it’s like a feeling I don’t quite understand,» says Augustine, who passes through the body emotions. 

Agustín Casanova is Alundin Photo: Instagram @Foto: Instagram @aladinelshow

And yes, the play conveys that magic that develops in history and inserts us into its world. «They have to see ‘Aldin’ because it’s an experience for kids, young people and adults of all ages. There is so much good energy on top of the stage, that no seas, inevitably their body perceives it. They’re going to have a great but great time,» he shuts down.» Alamin: it will be great» has performances at the Teatro Gran Rex at 3 pm and 5 p.m. A musical for the family, starring Fernando Dente, Agustín Casanova, Julieta Nahir Calvo, Dario Barassi, Agustín «Soy Rada» Aristarán and Carolina Kopelioff.

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