translated from Spanish: Carolina Kopelioff, the revelation of «Soy Luna» that shines in «Aldin»

Carolina Kopelioff is Nadima, one of the central characters in «Aladín: it will be great», the musical of Marisé Monteiro, directed by Ariel del Mastro and produced by MP and Ozono Productions that is definitely farewelld from the theatrical billboard.

«Making this work is very exciting, and I think seeing it should be too. The scenes I can see, the times I can sit on the plate during rehearsals, I get goosebumps. It’s amazing,» the young actress comes face-to-face with Filo.News.

Carolina is Nadima in «Aldin will be great» Photo: Instagram @carolinakopelioff

It was Del Mastro – also director of his previous show – who selected her to cast to be part of the cast of «Aladín: it will be great». «He summoned me for an audition, I did it and I stayed,» he recalls and reviews the images in his mind.» The truth is, I’m very happy. One continues to train and grow step by step. I also had the opportunity to make two films (‘Heat’ and ‘Deep’), I was in a series, trying to try a little bit of everything and see what I like,» he says. Starting a path as an actress
As a child, Carolina knew what she wanted to do. «I started studying musical comedy when I was six years old at the school I was going to, which was artistic,» she recalls. She trained in theater and body expression at the school «La Escuelita», with Professor Claudia Ricci (2003-2009), classical dances and jazz at the Margarita Balli, with teachers such as Ariel Porro and Alicia Orlando, among other institutes.

Carolina is Nadima in «Aldin will be great» Photo: Instagram @carolinakopelioff

«I knew I wanted to be an actress from a very young age. I didn’t feel it like a hobby, I saw it as serious and I wanted to do everything to achieve it. It wasn’t: ‘Well, after school I go to dance, I’m going to have a good time and that’s where I was,’ but it was really a commitment, I had that desire,» she admits. Today, look at the seats in the room where during the day and weekends he performs two functions of «Aldin: it will be great», at the Gran Rex theater. «I’m sat here and remembering when I was little and I came with my mom and sister. It’s very strong for me to be in this theater, really a dream come true,» he adds. 

«I was saying to my mom ‘please, I want to be there’,» she recalls, and today she is there, in front of 3,000 spectators and accompanied by a cast of artists such as Fernando Dente and Agustín Casanova (Aladín), Julieta Nahir Calvo (Jasmin), Dario Barassi (Genio), Agustín «Soy Rada» Aristarán (The Visir Jafar), and more artists and dancers on stage. «I take mainly friends. I think the experience and what I learned from these great artists also took it to. Being a girl, being able to feed on them seems to me to be amazing. A family really formed. They are all very good people, we work with a lot of respect and love to make this really magical», stresses the actress.

Carolina and Juliet in «Aldin Will Be Great» Photo: Instagram @carolinakopelioff

«Even though it’s a job you enjoy being here so much, growing up and surrounding yourself with these beautiful people: both actors, dancers, production people. Everything works amazing. It’s an honor to be here,» he adds. At the age of 22, Carolina Kopelioff already achieved remarkable popularity playing Nina in the Disney Channel series, «Soy Luna», for which she earned two nominations in the category of «Best Actress» at the Kids Choice Awards (2017-2018).

Carolina is Nina in «I’m Moon» Photo: Instagram @carolinakopelioff

«I’m a girl, I still don’t have as much experience so it seems to me that it’s about trying and learning as much as I can,» she says, ready to face her proposals for the future. «For anything that involves a challenge, let’s move on,» he says. On stage
Minutes before she went on stage, Carolina feels an indescribable vibration. «There’s something magical about the theater. That feeling of adrenaline that goes through my body before I go on stage. I don’t think it can be explained in words, but I hope I never get out of that feeling because it’s something unique. Every job that is done with dedication and effort and especially with great mates is incredible,» he says, inviting big boys and boys to watch the musical.

Carolina and Juliet in «Aldin Will Be Great» Photo: Instagram @carolinakopelioff

«It’s an impressive work, the one who comes, you won’t be able to forget that you saw it. It’s like you’re taking something,» he closes by sending the proposal to embark on this adventure during the winter holidays.» Alamin: it will be great» has performances at the Teatro Gran Rex at 3 pm and 5 p.m. A musical for the family, starring Fernando Dente, Agustín Casanova, Julieta Nahir Calvo, Dario Barassi, Agustín «Soy Rada» Aristarán and Carolina Kopelioff.

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