translated from Spanish: His wife cuts off her testicles and throws acid on them for unfaithful

Taiwan.- A woman took her revenge by making the decision to cut off her husband’s penis and testicles because she was unfaithful to her and then sprayed them with acid and threw them into the defendant.
It was reported that the crime occurred in Taiwan, where police claim that Ms. Lee, 58, attacked the man as revenge for cheating on her when they were married.
After learning of the infidelities, the woman used a pair of sharp scissors to cut off her genitals, leaving him with only an inch of flesh, Unilad reports.
During the attack, Ms. Lee told her ex that “if she couldn’t have it, no one else would have it.” He then allegedly ingested sleeping pills in the hope of suicide.
Authorities received the call for help from the victim himself. The man called locked in the bathroom and in fear in case the woman assaulted him even more.
Statements reveal that the couple had divorced a month earlier. The man had been out of work for the past two years, and his ex-wife supported him financially.
When authorities arrived at the house they found Mrs. Lee unconscious. She and her ex-husband were transferred to Taiwan National University Hospital. Both are in stable condition.
Unfortunately, Chang Chen-yeh, the hospital’s head of urology, explained that if they had found the genital parts, they would not have been able to rejoin them.

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