translated from Spanish: Industrial fishermen who accuse the Fisheries Commission «took their bread» after layoff announcement

The business sector announced up to 2,000 redundancies in the Biobío region, as a result of the forthcoming entry into force of the Jibia Act. In the face of this, trade unions in the sector expressed concern about the news calling for cessation.
According to Cooperativa, after a meeting of leaders in Talcahuano, the managers were categorical in saying that the Committee on Fisheries of the Chamber of Deputies left them in total uncertainty and «took the bread out of the mouth of us and our children», as erick Riffo, president of the Motorists Union, said. For his part, Ricardo Flores of the Drag Boat Crew Sununion commented that «we’re going to have to go out looking for work, we don’t know where. It will be very difficult because the age range is 50 years old, with 30 years old in fishing.»
Flores added that in their sector will be at least 90 people who will be left behind, directly: 60 from their union and 30 of jibieros boats that are not in that organization.
It should be noted that the Committee on Fisheries, Aquaculture and Maritime Interests of the Chamber of Deputies voted against extending the draft which would have delayed the entry into force of the law governing the fishing of jibia.

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