translated from Spanish: There is little sale of used vehicles

Guamúchil, Sinaloa.- The sale of used vehicles in the city is currently down. The best-selling cars, according to those who are dedicated to this, are cars from the United States, better known as “chocolate” cars, this is because people prefer not to pay so much taxes, since nationals require plates and insurance they have a high cost. The preferred model for buyers is of the Honda brand, but the price ranges between 50 and 70 thousand pesos.

A survey that EL DEBATE companies conducted with some second-hand car sellers, it was concluded that the sale of these is below the standards they consider appropriate.
Some pointed out that the economic situation is critical at the moment and that people no longer have the interest of buying a vehicle, and who buys one is out of sheer necessity, in such a way that they seek the most economical and also seek in them qualities that they help in fuel economy. José Cázares said that the sale is low, but that people are more inclined towards cars that are foreigners and that those who are nationals send them to other places, such as Querétaro and León.Mr. Alfonso Meza, who is also engaged in the sale and purchase of cars He noted that people, on a matter of economy, prefer small motor carts.” But right now they’re not even selling because people don’t have money, I already have more than three months without being able to sell anything and waiting to see it fall later,” he said. He added that the cost is much higher when buying a national car because they include insurance and plates.

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