translated from Spanish: Grouping was awarded attack on police station and sent bomb package to Hinzpeter office

On the contrainfo website, a statement appeared, signed by «Seditious Accomplices/Fraction for Revenge», which was awarded the explosive attack to the 54th Bonyaba Police Station and the sending of a similar package to the office of the former minister of the Interior, Rodrigo Hinzpeter, in Quiñenco.
«We claim the shipment of two pump packages composed of black powder and dynamite aimed at Rodrigo Hinzpeter and Carabineros Major Manuel Guzmán of the 54th Commissioner of Huechuraba,» says the text, which states that «We take all security measures necessary for the artifacts to explode only in the hands of the people who are the targets of our action. Our enemies are clear, we are not interested in or seek to harm or injure anyone.»
«The recipients of our explosive shipments have a decisive role in both the management and accumulation of capital as well as in the control and state repression,» the text reads.
«Rodrigo Hinzpeter, minister of the interior of the previous government of Sebastián Piñera, in charge of unleashing repression on struggling Mapuche communities, anarchist environments and student sectors mobilized and radicalized in the heat of street fighting. It carries the bodies of Manuel Gutierrez, the 81 prisoners of San Miguel prison and the wounded from the Aysen and Freirina riots. It currently has a management position in the Quiñenco group belonging to the infamous Luksic group whose tentacles expand in more and more areas from banks to television channels, transforming our lives into merchandise and transable value,» the Grouping.
The text also refers to the explosion in HUechuraba and states that «Manuel Guzmán, the greatest of carabinieri of the 54commissioner of Huechuraba, police barracks responsible for suppressing and controlling the territory where in 1998 his former colleagues murdered the fellow colleague anarchist Claudia Lopéz during the street clashes in September. Any commission is a valid target. Their uniforms continue to have blood hanging around every corner of the city, guarding our enemies using the bullying against anyone who gets out of this minefield of prohibitions in which they have transformed the world. It is precisely in the police stations that the executioners unleash the of torments and beatings against the detainees.
«The only way to stay alive is to hit the oppressors. We know that the Power will not fall with these attacks, but that is not why we will stand by. We strike because we do not contemplate citizen passivity in our lives. We move away from the formal combat structures to take in our hands, gathered in affinity, the pleasure of the attack. Along with the explosives this shipment contains a warm embrace to steal a smile from those who are kidnapped by the state: Juan Aliste, Marcelo Villarroel, Juan Flores, Joaquín García, Sol Vergara and the prison prisoners of Italy, Greece and Russia», raised the grouping.
«The powerful are flesh and blood, identifiable, vulnerable, and destructible. Let’s go get ‘em. Let’s expand our limits of attacks: We can always go for more,» the group said in a statement.

Original source in Spanish

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