translated from Spanish: It is offensive that Coneval measures poverty and spends a lot: AMLO

President Andrés Manuel López Obrador said that the National Council for the Evaluation of Social Development Policy (Coneval) will not disappear but will work under an austerity plan and with a renewal. 
On Monday during the morning conference, he said it was a «contradiction, it’s kind of offensive» for the Coneval to have high salaries and onerous expenses when it’s the poverty-measuring institute.
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He again criticized that the previous director, Gonzalo Hernández Licona had a salary of 200 thousand pesos, who also said, had «a current of thought closer to neoliberalism». He said that school of thought is not close to the people to address poverty, «because all its elements to evaluate are data that is generated in other institutions with the same characteristics.»
«Public servants have no communication with the people, they don’t know the communities,» he said, because poverty-measuring people don’t know the poorest regions of the country, «it’s all cabinet work.»
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«On top of everything, these expensive onerous agencies are for the institute that measures poverty, it’s a contradiction, it’s offensive.»
This Sunday, Hernández Licona refuted López Obrador’s criticism of his salary.
«And pray what he said?»Hernandez Licona asked on Twitter, in response to the president’s statement on Sunday, where he also criticized his salary. He then published a tweet and an image, showing the Transparent Payroll data of the Federal Public Administration, indicating that his salary was 132 thousand 312 net monthly pesos, and in gross 91 thousand 957 pesos.
«Make me good. I’m attaching my salary. It was easy to search for it because of the transparency of the Coneval. That’s why I say that if you use rigorous evidence you can make better decisions. The presidential leadership, combined with good information, could produce better results for the country,» said Hernández Licona.
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