translated from Spanish: Now, you can check the school trajectory of students from the cell phone

On Monday, the head of the General Directorate of Schools (DGE), Jaime Correas, and Governor Alfredo Cornejo, presented GEM PAD, the application that allows parents and students to follow the particular educational trajectory in their mobile version. In addition to the Governor, the press conference involved the general director of Schools, Jaime Correas, and the chief of staff of the DGE, Graciela Orelogio.As reported, more than 201,920 thousand users were already registered among teachers, relatives and students who they use this digital tool, of which 129,759 are parents, 59,413 are students and 42,697 teachers. Governor Alfredo Cornejo said: «We are very pleased to continue to make progress in the good organization of educational service in our province, providing information to students, parents and coordinating with teachers.» This app is already available to parents, there are more than 201,000 users who are already connected via computers and now they will be able to do it through the cell phone, we already have parents and students consulting,» the representative added. Regarding the usefulness of the application, the Governor emphasized that it has multiple benefits. «Information circulates; engages parents in the educational process with real information. We need a greater commitment to educating children and adolescents. This is a massive instrument, phones all have to be able to monitor the real situation of each student and also allows linking with teachers with accurate information and we believe that it is a leap in quality of the education system,» he said. Finally, Cornejo highlighted the free of charge of the tool: «This system was held by some private institutions and today it is free to use for the entire mendocine population of primary and secondary. I thank everyone who worked on the development of this app and invite them to promote the use of it.» For his part, Jaime Correas, said that GEM PAD allows interaction with schools and improves the interaction between parents and educational institutions. «We all need to commit to using this tool that improved the quality of teachers’ work and we hope more people will join,» Correas said. In addition, he emphasized that the GEM PAD allows a more accurate look at the entire education system and will help define different actions on educational policies.What is the GEM PAD? The GEM PAD is a virtual educational management system implemented by the government of Mendoza since May 2017 and that allows to be in constant contact with the different school processes, such as attendances and absences, the different evaluative instances of the students and other educational issues. It should be noted that, since the implementation of the GEM PAD, teachers, students and parents have this digital tool that has significantly improved the quality in their daily work, being able to develop a more orderly work, avoiding paper sheets and generating a safer school information resource, with real-time information, that does not require the internet for the burden that benefits our children, young people and all those within the education system. To download the app to your cell phone, you must:1-Enter the play store (virtual store)2- Find the DGE GEM PAD app: Parents, students and teachers.3- Press the install button. Once the application is downloaded, it must be entered with the user and password already generated previously on the page this note:

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