translated from Spanish: Senator Girardi filed complaint over oil spill on Guarello Island

Senator Guido Girardi (PPD) filed a complaint against those responsible for the 40,000-litre oil spill near Guarello Island, Magellan Region. 
The parliamentarian acknowledged that the situation is a major natural disaster and questioned that the supervisory authorities are overreaching.
«This is a major ecological disaster. Diesel, oil, is a pollutant that remains there in the ecosystem for decades,» said the senator, who recalled the situation in Osorno with Essal, which had the city without water for more than a week and, in that sense, ensured that there is a lack of p reinvention on the part of companies. 
The chairman of the Committee on the Environment argued that this «also speaks of our audit institutions being totally outnumbered both in the health sector and in monitoring the role of different companies that attract, for example, dangerous substances, in this case, oil, falling into the sea or the ground. He also talks that our environmental authority is overtaken.»
«It’s negligence, not an accident».
Meanwhile, the director for Latin America of National Geographic’s Pristine Seas program, Alex Muñoz, said that what happened on Guarello Island «is a negligence of the CAP company, not an accident.»
«There is negligence here because here the company has certain security obligations, it must comply with certain protocols that were not met. It can’t be that they say an operator left a key open and passed his hand and snitmmed a pond with 40 thousand litres of oil,» he said in an interview with A New Morning.
«There’s going to be an impact, some things are irreparable: there’s going to be death of some species but hopefully it can be contained in time,» he added.

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