translated from Spanish: Two former ugly Duckling in Chile: reunion between Thelma Fardín and Camila Outon

These last days Thelma Fardín traveled to Chile, together with the reference of the collective LawEts Argentinas Laura Azcurra, to accompany the women of the neighboring country, who demand for the legalization of abortion and the implementation of public gender policies and sex education. Once there they met with their Chilean colleagues to make the fight more and more compatible in the campaign. Hugs of sorority, like the one given by the Argentine actresses to Thelma, during the press conference in which he unveiled his rape complaint against the actor Juan Darthés.

The crime happened in Nicaragua in 2009, while the young woman was touring the youth soap opera “Patito feo”.

Reunion between Thelma and Camila Outon Source: Instagram

Because she was in Chile, Thelma did not overlook the opportunity to reunite with one of her most esteemed colleagues, Camila Outon, who played Pia – one of the divine ones – in fiction. A while ago, in the framework of an interview with Filo.News, Camila told us that she moved to Chile with her partner, also actor and theater director, Mauricio Carrera; and that Thelma is one of her most esteemed colleagues: for every thing that happened to her in life she was to accompany her.

Reunion between Thelma and Camila Outon Source: Instagram

Currently, the young actress works and resides in Chile and her friend’s trip was the chance to see each other again. They expressed this through their social networks with the posting of tender messages and photos.

Reunion between Thelma and Camila Outon Source: Instagram

“I meet on the other side of the mountain range, with it that made me love the letters and want to order the words in a nice way. I think of Cami and think of one of the first women to arouse me admiration. I adore you, what an emotion that the years and latitudes continue to find us,” shared Thelma, who back in 2007 played the “popular” Josefina.

Reunion between Thelma and Camila Outon Source: Instagram

For her part, Camila also published the postcards of the reunion and expressed an affectionate dedication to her friend. “For the love that transcends the times and the spaces I drink. Because everything is different but equal at the same time. I love you so much. I came back as many times as you want,” he said.

The friendship between the two actresses is crossed by the company. Let’s remember that after Thelma made the video public with her testimony, Camila spoke to Filo.News and assured us, “He was strong. At all times I tried to get her to focus on her. In taking care of yourself, doing things with peace of mind, with firm and safe pace. I love her very much. I consider her a friend and a very valuable person.”

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