translated from Spanish: Chadwick reacts cautiously after adjudication of bombing to police station: “We cannot rush”

The explosive device he detoned at the 54th Police Station of Huechuraba and the failed attack on the former minister of the Interior, Rodrigo Hinzpeter was awarded by the group called “Seditious Accomplices/Faction for Revenge”. Despite this, interior minister Andrew Chadwick reacted cautiously about this announcement.
“We have a vindication from an anarchist group, (but) obviously we can’t rush,” the Cooperative radio said. For Chadwick, the award of this attack “is a statement, there is the prosecutor (Claudio Orellana) investigating and on top of it. We can’t rule out anything at all at the moment, but we can’t confirm it either.”
“We can’t move forward (a conclusion), because the prosecutor is seeing this situation. It is not the traditional group’s claim in anarchic matters, as it was Its (Individualists Tending to the Wild) in the previous cases,” he added, alluding to the attacks on Metro President Luis de Grange and former Codelco President, Oscar Landerretche.
Asked if it is feasible to associate this fact with “ecoterrorism,” Chadwick stated that “we don’t know yet, but peace of mind, because we are seeing; the prosecutor is looking at the possibility of determining some origin and certainty of whether that claim is indeed true.”

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