translated from Spanish: Families in Santa Rocío have 15 days to vacate

Culiacan, Sinaloa.- The conflict between the invading neighbors of the Santa Rocío fractionation and the construction company Victoria del Pacífico continues, and in the outof reaching a buy-and-do agreement within a fortnight, a total of 145 families will have to vacate the homes. This after the construction company’s sales advisor, Karla González, stated that the occasions when they have visited to reconcile with them have been repeated; however, he points out that the inhabitants who invaded the unfinished homes do not go to the notary where they will be provided with all the legal information. 

As a measure of ignoring the requirements, the construction company is preparing with the municipal authorities the offices for eviction in case they do not do so of their own free will. This is because the owner of the company wants to finish the fractionation, which remained unfinished, since the paving and green area were not finished, and the houses, when they were invaded, had no windows, doors and were not painted. «Here you want to finish what was left unfinished, so whoever is not going to buy we ask you to leave the house they invaded,» she said. Despair
Faced with this situation, the inhabitants felt threatened and point out that they have nowhere to go, that they invaded by necessity, because as families with informal work they cannot access Infonavit credits. In addition, the construction company asks them for a payment for the house for 250 thousand pesos, an amount they consider high. In front of the media, families reported that they have been threatened and beaten by construction company staff, thus asking them to withdraw.

They pointed out that they are looking to negotiate how to make payments for housing, but they claim that neither the sales consultant nor the legal representative have shown them a role to belong to this construction company and do not know if the documents they claim to teach are valid.

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