translated from Spanish: Geolocated tractors arrived in Chile

Through a global alliance, agricultural machinery firm Landini incorporated precision agriculture technology developed by Topcon into its tractor range, combining a precision positioning system with advanced control of what systems. The latter increases productivity, reduces inputs and maximizes farm income at each stage of cultivation. Both brands are represented in Chile by Dercomaq.For Topcon, the key to any precision agriculture solution is accuracy. That’s why its global satellite navigation system (GNSS) incorporates technology that increases satellite kinetic navigation in real time, offering excellent results, this means that the GNSS receiver determines the location and sends that information to the guidance system to create an accurate navigation path, avoiding going through the same place several times or leaving spaces uncovered.” These innovations allow you to increase yields, reduce costs, and improve results in any scenario. This makes it easy to meet all the needs of the Chilean countryside, adapting to our climate and geography. That is, these technologies allow to solve the different ways of doing agriculture in our country”, explains Jorge Irarrázaval, manager of agricultural machinery Dercomaq.

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