translated from Spanish: Government and priest Poblete: «The Society of Jesus has to make the background available»

Minister Secretary-General of Government, Cecilia Pérez, referred to the results of the research conducted by the Society of Jesus, which determined that the priest Renato Poblete repeatedly abused 22 women, «in power» and that he confirmed that the religious had six stable relationships, five of them with «abusive aspects.»
Pérez called the research’s outcome «outrageous and deeply painful» and said that «it was 48 years of deep sorrow to the victims of these abuses and also to their families.»
«We believe that the Public Prosecutor’s Office has to investigate, that the Society of Jesus has to make the record available to be able to, not only dig deep into the truth, but also do justice, especially those who might have had participation as accomplices or cover-ups of such condemnable facts,» the government spokeswoman added.
Regarding the situation of President Piñera, who had a close relationship with the priest, Pérez said that «the President shares the deep outrage.»
The spokeswoman further pointed out to the other congregations that have investigative proceedings against one of its members and stated that «we believe that in a Chile that asks that the victims have a voice and also have justice, the other congregations should follow the same way. Here it is not enough just to act of justice; there must be institutional and also forgiveness, but after a thorough investigation and transparency, in the face of the public thinking about all the years that have failed the victims and their families.»

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