translated from Spanish: «I’ve always stood up and I’ll keep doing it»: Rosario Robles

Mexico.- The former head of the then Secretariat of Social Development (Sedesol) in the last federal administration, Rosario Robles Berlanga, assured that the FGR’s accusation against her is a flagrant violation of her rights and due process for the way in which disclosed, though he claimed he «will face it.»
Last night, media outlets disclosed that the Attorney General’s Office of the Republic (FGR) seeks to obtain a hearing to link Rosario Robles to prosecution for alleged improper exercise of public service.
In this regard, on a card given to Ciro Gómez Leyva, who read it in his program Por la Mañana, Robles Berlanga said that in that subpoena—for Thursday, August 8 at 11:00 in the Southern Recluso», neither the causes nor the facts that are attributed to him «my with it my ability to defend.»
«It is inconceivable that what was not communicated to me has been made known to the public. It should be mentioned that in this whole process I have never had the opportunity to defend myself, I have not been required to appear before the Prosecutor’s Office or access to any research folder,» he said.
The federal agency said that as always, it will act with absolute respect for the law and the judicial authorities. «I have always stood up and will continue to do so, with due safeguarding of my rights,» he said in the brief sent to the journalist.
In this regard, Julio Hernández Barros, lawyer of Rosario Robles, stated that this accusation is an act that contravenes any legal provision and the Constitution itself and to the rights enshrined in international conventions of which Mexico is a party.
He said Rosario Robles will come forward to testify before the authorities because he always faces, because he has nothing to hide «he is innocent and the accusation is reckless and unfounded»:
«It is a call to make a public lynching long before the judicial authorities become aware of the case, so wherever you see it there is a systematic violation of Rosario’s human rights in this erratic and lawless procedure,» settled.
He reiterated that Robles Berlanga is a totally innocent woman, who has nothing to hide, who has always acted in accordance with the law and that sooner rather than later he is going to demonstrate to Mexican justice, because «he is being the victim of an orchestration against him , unfounded and estranged, of course, from the law.»
«Rosario has a clean conscience and clean hands, her accounts have been counted by the Secretariat of the Civil Service at our request, of herself», because she has always lived off her salary as a public servant, the lawyer said.
Having regretted that they have learned of the accusation by the media, he stated that the so-called Master Scam is a tale that never existed, it is «a story drawn from a book of fiction» because so far none of those involved have been called , because there is no evidence to show the alleged embezzlement of the public purse.
Source: The Economist

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