translated from Spanish: Morelia City Council delivers luminaires in popular colonies

Morelia, Michoacán.- Regaining people’s trust through actions and getting from the lag in which popular colonies and humble characteristics of the municipality are located, are transcendental objectives in the government of Raúl Morón Orozco, as indicated by the President, at the ceremony of delivery of luminaires, in the settlement Vicente Lombardo Toledano.
In his message, the municipal president was emphatically to mention that while these types of colonies have lagged behind in terms of the provision of services and development, in his triennium this will change, since his work must be for the benefit of all citizens.
According to a statement, the Government of Morelia, through the Directorate of Sustainable Lighting, made the change of 1,600 luminaires for led technology, with an investment of 5 million 724 thousand pesos, which will improve the visibility and perception of security in the area.
With the above, in addition to the colony Vicente Lombardo Toledano, others such as Unión Ejidal Isaac Arriaga and Ilustres Novohispanos, all of them, belonging to the eastern part of the municipality.
The order-in-charge of the Union Ejidal colony, Ramiro Escutia, stated that these actions resolve one of the main concerns of the neighbours, since it tells them that they are not ignored by the authorities and that they will have benefits in their community according to progress management.

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