translated from Spanish: National Guard reviews user backpacks and monitors Metro corridors

At least nine Metro and one Metrobus stations are already guarded by elements of the National Guard in Mexico City. 
According to a statement from the STC Metro the surveillance of military police inside the stations began on Tuesday, although the presence of these was reported for days by social media users. 

On the subway, I saw the National Guard.
— George? (@sagrath666) July 25, 2019

1/3 From the series: my trauma to the National Guard
? ♀️The subway closest to my house is the military, then I come very normal down the stairs and two GNs with their guns are right on the last step. ?
— Sister Yuliana (@SorYuls) July 24, 2019

The stations protected by the National Guard, according to the Metro are: Boulevard Puerto Aéreo and Candelaria, of Line 1; Aragon and Consulate of Line 5; San Juan Canal, Oriental Agricultural and Guelatao, Line A; Romero Rubio of Line B, and Santa Anita of Line 8.
The Metrobus station is also guarded is Tlacotal, on Line 2.  
The Metro added that the prevention actions carried out by military elements are: supervision of backpacks or suitcases and surveillance in corridors, outside, on access bridges and in the vicinity of the STC facilities.

The presence of the National Guard in the STC facilities is part of the strategy of strengthening and procuring security in Mexico City. These activities will be carried out on an itinerant way in the stations, for the prevention and support of people.
— MetroCDMX (@MetroCDMX) July 30, 2019

The now-guarded stations belong to the mayors in which the National Guard has a presence.
Although the capital authorities’ argument is that the security of the CDMX will improve with the advent of the National Guard, Metro users have been surprised by the presence of military elements in the corridors and question the effectiveness of the operation.

I just found out that the National Guard already does revisions on the Metro and the truth, what a scary pinshi
— Kind ohne Eigenschaften (@Reg_the_Magpie) July 30, 2019

I got to the eastern agricultural subway and the national guard is already there….but the rats are on the streets not in the turnstiles
— Ruizraqarg (@ruizraqarg) July 30, 2019

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Original source in Spanish

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