translated from Spanish: Ubilla said anarchist acts are «individual» that «make it more complex to fight than terrorism»

«We were used to terrorist acts in the 1980s and 90s, not anarchist acts. That’s what we’re seeing today and the prosecutor has to determine if it’s an anarchism that uses terrorist tools or vice versa. It is part of the investigation,» said interior secretary Rodrigo Ubilla, referring on Tele 13 to the award made by an anarchist group about the two bomb packages that affected a commissary in Huechuraba and former Interior Minister Rodrigo Hinzpeter. In this regard, Ubilla insisted that it should be discarded if the award is a «bob-hunter» or if it is «correct». He added that anarchist actions are «uncoordinated individuals that make it more complex to fight than terrorism, which are articulated actions where there are groups that are known, interact in a single physical space and determine to commit certain acts of violence.» On the other hand, the undersecretary commented that on Tuesday at 12:30 hours he will meet with Carabineros, PDI and the Public Prosecutor’s Office «so that we can, with each of the institutions, analyze what protocols each proposes» in relation to the companies in charge of market encomiendas, letters, «There are more than 40 companies in Chile,» he argued. Another point they will address will be how the public administration should have protocols to receive this type of correspondence. «Goals are figures or public figures, and where are they? In the civil service», coupled with the «protocols that have to do with how services act in an emergency case like the one that was lived last Thursday: Who comes first? If there is more than one deceased person, how should it be current?»

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