translated from Spanish: Coordination of new SSP holder with Federation, necessary for Michoacán: Fermín Bernabé

Morelia, Michoacán.- To seek a healthy and permanent coordination between the new head of the Secretariat of Public Security of Michoacán and the Federation, in order to follow up on the plan that has been mounted from the incorporation of the National Guard, he lay the Member Fermín Bernabé Bahena, recalling that, based on the National Survey of Urban Public Security (ENSU), the perception of insecurity in the state grew by up to seven percent, as the congress reported in a statement.
This, after the State Executive consummated Israel’s appointment Patrón Reyes to lead the work of the Secretariat of Public Security (SSP), in response to the series of events that were recorded in days past.
In his status as Morena’s parliamentary coordinator at the Michoacán Congress, Fermín Bernabé was aware of the delicate situation in which the State Executive finds himself after the unfortunate death of former Public Security Secretary José Martín Godoy Castro; however, he stressed the need to give certainty to the armor of the public, through permanent coordination with the federal government.
«We understand the situation prevailing in the security area of Michoacán after the unfortunate loss of who until a few days ago was leading the work in the relevant unit, but it is now necessary for the new head of the secretariat to respond with responsible work and living up to the circumstances facing the entity,» emphasized the lawmaker emanating from Morena.
Bernabé Bahena justified his position by recalling that, according to data from the Delictivo semaphore of Michoacán, at the national level the entity occupies the number 10 position in homicides; 13 in kidnappings; 31st in extortion, and 13in cartheft.
Against this backdrop, the local deputy for District 10 stressed the importance of the new head of the Secretariat of Public Security having full readiness to assist in the strategy that has been proposed at the federal level, once the National Guard began operating in Michoacán and other states of the Republic.
«Only through permanent coordination between the federal, state and municipal governments can we claim Michoacán’s direction in security, in order to respond to one of the main demands of the Michoacans,» concluded the coordinator Morena’s parliamentarian in the LXXIV Legislature of the local Congress.

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