translated from Spanish: Free International Concert with The Clarke Vienna Trio at Paine Theatre

International Concert the Clarke Vienna Trio
The wide professional career of its musicians is perfectly combined with a high-billed music, fresh and varied, which responds to a certain urgency that is in our midst by music that transcends the limits of conservative national preferences.
With the interpretation of Rebecca Clarke’s «Dumka», it will be possible to access an author who in recent decades has aroused passionate interest. It will also be a privilege to listen live «Fratres», one of the best-known works of Arvo Pért, an Estonian composer considered a precursor of «sacred minimalism», a member of the most prestigious academies and widely heard in the more than fifty films who have resorted to his compositions. The music of Myroslav Skoryk, on the other hand, the outstanding Ukrainian composer and professor, will give us a close rapprochement with contemporary music with pints of Ukrainian tradition. Closing the parade of important composers will be Sergei Prokofiev and Jean Sibelius, who do not require further presentation. The close spirit of the Clarke Vienna Trio will also be manifested in the repertoire of Chilean music that it has wanted to include in its presentations in Paine.
Consisting of Lisanne Altrov (violin), Zoryana Antonyak (viola) and Matías Alzola (piano), musicians trained in Vienna and members of prestigious European orchestras, the Clarke Vienna Trio pay homage Rebecca Clarke, the leading English composer and violist, considered one of the most important of the interwar period of the twentieth century.

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