translated from Spanish: Jesuit priest: «Renato Poblete was part of an institution and that institution was blind»

The priest Francisco Jiménez, member of the Center for Prevention and Repair of the Society of Jesus, referred in an interview with Tele13 Radio, to the investigation against Renato Poblete, which revealed systematic abuses by the religious, in at least 48 years.
Jimenez did a tough mea culpa and said that Poblete «was part of an institution and that institution was blind, did not take the guards».
«The report notes that one of the cultural aspects that made us blind had to do with this as a certain exaltation of the Jesuitachievement, this allowed this pride that it does not happen to us. There are valuable things about the Society of Jesus, but when that becomes pride and not believing,» the priest added.
The religious also delved into the way Poblete operated and said he «used the money to earn the trust of vulnerable people economically and emotionally. That way he became canonized before the person and that opened the doors so that he could abuse.»
«That money comes from the same thing he collected, he was able to raise a lot of money, he had many contacts,» said the priest, who added that «the criticism and responsibility of the Society of Jesus is that, knowing that (Renato Poblete) he handled large sums of money , there was never any greater control to know where it came from and what was being done.»
On what the report says, regarding the possible knowledge of the facts by other members of the congregation, Jimenez stated that «Only two Jesuits knew from the victim’s mouth. The investigator points out that there is a more teenous reproach, because the person was bound by another ethical duty, which is to honor what the victim has asked him, who asked not to tell anyone.»
«Renato Poblete is still a Jesuit. It’s painful to say and it’s part of our history, not all Jesuits are remarkable,» he added.

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