translated from Spanish: Metropolitan Region accounts for 63% of foreigners residing in Chile

The National Institute of Statistics (INE), in conjunction with the Department of Foreign Affairs and Migration, reported that the Metropolitan region has 63.1% (789,412 people) of foreigners living in the country, followed by Antofagasta with 7.1% (88,701 people) and Valparaiso with 6.4% (80,573 people).
The figures are part of the report «Estimates of foreign residents usual in the country as of December 31, 2018», which also disclosed that the regions with the lowest presence of foreigners are Aysén with 0.3% (3,824), Los Ríos with 0.5% (6,804) and Magellan with 0.6% (7,826).
In the Metropolitan region, of the total recorded, 51% are men and 49% women, while Tarapacá, Antofagasta and Arica and Parinacota, are the regions where foreigners have the greatest weight in the total population with 16.9%, 13.6% and 10.4%.
The report also revealed that, in four regions, the foreign population exceeds 10% of the total regional population: Tarapacá, Antofagasta, Arica and Parinacota and the Metropolitan region. 
In the disaggregated by communes, there are 36 communes with 10 thousand or more foreign inhabitants, which concentrate 73.6% of the total regular residents of other countries.
Santiago, Antofagasta and Las Condes are the communes with the largest number of foreign residents and Curicó, Melipilla and Talca, where their presence grew more in the span between April 2017 and December 2018.

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