translated from Spanish: New acoustic show of La Patogallina Saunmachin premieres «Kostalazo (Great Fracazos)» in Bar Cuento Corto

New acoustic show of La Patogallina Saunmachin premieres «Kostalazo (Great Fracazos)»
After the good reception that had the A-side (Acoustic) of their last show entitled El último caset», where the national band made acoustic versions of their own songs to make way for an E-side (Electric) with their traditional rock format, this time the group bet on delve into the unplugged sounds conceived a fully acoustic show entitled «Kostalazo (Grandes Fracazos)», which will be officially released at 21:00 on August 1 at the Short Story Bar, located in the Barrio República.
«This project is born from the band’s latest show, from the good experience it has been to play with that lineup and the interest to deepen and play with that format, with the aim of installing in the audience the idea of an entirely acoustic show that goes beyond acoustic side of The last Caset and that could have an independence and his own life», explains Martín Erazo, vocalist of the band, who together with Jaime Molina and Emilio Miranda (guitars) composes the basis of the original band (LPG Saunmachin) to which Sebastian Lobos joins on bass , Cristian Mancilla on guitar and Peruvian percussionists Omar Gambini and Walter Guadalupe Bernales.
Erazo adds that «in addition the same audience has asked us to extend the format and we find that very attractive, in addition a synergy has been generated in the band full of great joy and energy, in addition to going hand in the exercise of making versions in bolero format and waltzes , who encouraged us as a group to follow and come up with a completely acoustic show.»
The show lasts approximately an hour with a total of 18 songs and features three main lines: a series of acoustic versions of the band’s tracks, classic songs from the sixties and the largest part of the repertoire made up of songs that for the band constitute musical milestones of their adolescence and childhood and that has to do with the rock and pop of the eighties of Argentina and Chile, with bands such as Soda Stereo, Sumo, Virus, UPA!, Squid, Los Prisioneros etc. «We find there a series of songs q They touch us and make us travel back in time and generate this game to invite re -listen to these songs as well known now from other styles like the waltz and the bolero» explains the vocalist.
Every step a coast
Reinforced by the design of the poster, the work of the designer Alejandro Délano, the show refers to the falls that we have had in our lives to be able to get up and move on, in short: a learning at the point of «kostalazos», which Erazo explains adding that «from the years when the songs came out, life has a lot of crests, and I think there are more mistakes and mistakes that you hit many times in life, in this sense, this is like inviting you to perform group therapy but also to laugh , not to be so serious, to understand that part of life is to fall and get back up, as the Appliances say in The Cold Mystery: «every step, coastalness».

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