translated from Spanish: Robles gets provisional suspension against possible arrest warrant

A federal amparo judge granted the former sedesol and Sedatu owner, Rosario Robles Berlanga, a provisional suspension against a possible apprehension order turned against her, or any arraignment order that involves a security force stop it from appearing in court.
The grantofing of such provisional suspension is the result of Robles Berlanga’s application for an amparo trial, after it was disclosed that the Attorney General’s Office of the Republic asked a judge to quote the exfuncionaria to the hearing and proceed against him for irregularities related to the so-called Master Scam.
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Although Robles’ defense lawyers have maintained that they intend to appear at that hearing scheduled for August 8 before a Judge of Control of the Southern Inmate, they confirmed that they initiated a lawsuit to find out if there are no other cases or arrest warrants or arraignment or arraignment against your client.
This application for protection was filed in the Tenth District Court in Matters of Criminal Protection of the First Circuit that already admitted it to the process and which decided to automatically grant the provisional suspension so that the possible orders are not executed, while the requests the corresponding reports that allow you to analyze the mimes.
Such suspension is effective as long as the offences for which the alleged arrest warrant had been issued are not those considered to be automatically remanded in custody, such as organised crime or acts of corruption.
«In accordance with the numeral 166 of the law of the matter, MARIA DEL ROSARIO ROBLES BERLANGA is granted THE PROVISIONAL SUSPENSION for the effect that, if the crime for which you delivered the arrest warrant does not imply unofficial pre-trial detention, the complainised party is not arrested on the occasion of such an act of inconvenience,» states the judge’s decision.
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Similarly, the amparo judge also granted the provisional suspension against a possible «appearance order», that is, against the possible use of public force to compel Rosario Robles to appear at the 8 August hearing or at any time Ra.
As part of this amparo trial, the judge set a date on August 6 to hold the session in which he will define whether to grant a final stay against any warranties, after he finds that they actually exist. On the other hand, in order to resolve the merits of the matter and determine whether or not it is covered by the former Headof Sedesol, it has been set as a constitutional hearing date on 29 August.
As amparo experts have already explained in this note, the granting of these suspensions and amparo trials is only intended to review that the authorities (in this case the Attorney General’s Office of the Republic) have acted against the person promoting the without violating their constitutional rights, but does not consider the case of origin or determine whether a person is innocent or guilty.
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