translated from Spanish: The Voluntary Civic Service has already received 9,000 registrations

Overcoming the controversy over the creation of the Voluntary Civic Service that drives Patricia Bullrich for young people who do not study or work, the new project received thousands of registrations and surpassed the 1200 vacancies that the program has. 
Although the number of enrollees exceeded 9000, they were in the 4200 race. The relegated were mostly the ones who did not provide all the information or made mistakes. According to INDEC, 1 in 5 people between the ages of 14 and 29 are actively looking for work and fail to do so, the rate doubles that of the total population. 67% of people who do not work or study are single mothers who care for their children, siblings or older adults. 
From the Ministry of Security they believe that the number of registrations will fall as from 1 August to 25 they must be presented in person. Bullrich and company intend to start the week of September 16-23, after conducting health tests. It will work in The Region I Command “May Camp”; the Institute of Specialized Training “Cabo Juan Adolfo Romero”, in Mercedes; and at the Casa de Retiro Cura Brochero, in the match of González Catan, Bariloche, Santiago del Estero and Jesús María, in Córdoba.

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