translated from Spanish: Apple acknowledges listening to part of Siri conversations

«A small proportion of Siri’s recordings are transferred to contractors who work for the company around the world.» In those words, an Apple employee confirmed that the company listens to information through its Siri app, its virtual assistant launched in 2011.According to the employee who spoke with the British newspaper The Guardian and requested to reserve their identity, these contractors «they are tasked with rating responses in a variety of factors that include whether activation (…) was deliberate or accidental.» He explained that he decided to explain this issue because he was concerned about two things: that the company did not explicitly disclose in its privacy documentation that this work is done by people who listen to recordings under a pseudonym, and by how often the Accidental activations collect personal information that is «extremely sensitive». The same worker exemplified that «cases of recordings showing private discussions between doctors and patients, businesses, apparently criminal matters, sexual encounters, etc. have been heard. These recordings are accompanied by user data showing location, contact details and application data.» In this regard, and consulted by the same medium, Apple confirmed that «a small part of Siri’s requests (less than 1%) are analyzed to improve implementation and dictation.» Although he explained that requests are not «associated with the Apple ID». He added that responses «are analyzed in secure facilities and all reviewers are required to comply with strict confidentiality requirements.»

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