translated from Spanish: Coté Lopez comes out in defense of his triplets after critical followers comments

Model Coté López answered the questions of her followers via Instagram, who took the opportunity to criticize the way of dressing and combing of her 9-year-old Isidora, Rebeca and Rafaela triplets.Read also: Coté López was outraged by user commentary about Pinilla: «I’d be sorry to be a shitty person like you»At first, the influencer responded to the comments humorously justifying her daughters, but then she made her discomfort known in a stark way. A first user wrote to her: Why did your daughters seem to always be ill-dressed and you are always impeccable? Lopez then replied, «They’re girls who use whatever they want.» A second follower commented: «Little girls are always on the hook,» to which the blonde explained that «if they comb their hair, but in 20 seconds they are already clicking hahahaha otherwise they have very long hair and do not like to take it because their head hurts… so thank you for nothing hahaha.» To which he added: «Otherwise I only fight the great battles, I don’t care if they don’t walk perfectly with a tight bun or the combined clothes… I worry that they are clean and happy they have all their lives for the rest…»Read also: Coté López was outraged by user commentary about Pinilla: «I would be a piece of shit like you»A third user opined, in support of the previous comment, that the girls of the model with the footballer Luis Jiménez were «unfixed, unfeminine», what which caused the model to change the mood of her aftershocks and say bluntly and ironically, «Quiet there are many people of your kind in this world, you are not alone. I hope you can overcome your concerns, as my daughters will not change to please» by making their displeasure known in relation to the sayings.

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