translated from Spanish: Felipe Rojas’ dad claimed not to know anything about Fernanda Maciel’s death

The father of Felipe Rojas, only arrested for the crime of Fernanda Maciel, confessed the bad time they cross as a family and added that “I will never stop loving Philip. Even if he’s the biggest killer, I’ll still love him,” Hola Chile (La Red) said to the morning. Without showing his face and keeping his name in reserve, Rojas’ father did not guarantee that his son was Maciel’s killer, but claimed that he is involved. “If so, we’ll take it on anyway. As much as the killer, I find it very hard to believe. Philip had a friendship with “Fer” for 8 years. It’s rare that Fernanda didn’t get away from him if he was aggressive.” He added that on several occasions he asked his son about the case, and if he was involved. “Over there they said they’d seen him with a sack. I asked him about the sack and he told me it was plaster. He explained that inside the cellar there was a crane and he wanted to fix it.” He recounted that on one occasion he went with Philip to the hill with the intention of having him tell him the truth. “I wanted to get away a little bit so I could get him out in case he took the mistake,” he revealed. Since the arrest Rojas Sr. does not see his son, for this he expects him to tell the truth. ‘I didn’t even want to go to prison because they’re going to start agreeing with him. Rather than getting the blame off me, I want to make it clear that I want to speak for my family. We didn’t know.”” I hope he’s not the killer, but he has an undoubted and indelible involvement,” he said.

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