translated from Spanish: Journalist Jorge Hans resigned from «True Lies»

Police journalist Jorge Hans resigned from the show «True Lies Network», as the production of the space would have asked him not to attend the program yesterday where Luis Pettersen, former partner of Fernanda Maciel, would be. A while ago the journalist and Pettersen argued in the same space. There Maciel’s former partner faced Hans and told him, «I was supposedly the number one suspect, because you were the couple, as you spoke several times, Don Hans, who attacked me several times in television media. Do you remember or not?» After that they both exchanged words, where the tone of the conversation began to rise. Due to differences with the editorial conduct of the program, this morning I resign my participation in the Real Police Lies panel of the Network. I understand the need to care for the sources that generate ratings, but at times when police, prosecutors and even the Church are in question, no one can feel free from suspicion and refuse to answer questions,» the reporter said. He added that «even less if it is covered in a sentence taken of context with scandal on social media. After thirty years of journalistic exercise, I believe that my best contribution to society is to seek the truth and communicate it,» alluding to his discussion with Pettersen.

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