translated from Spanish: Ministry of Transport seeks to suspend the operation of the buses of the company Línea Azul

The Ministry of Transport initiated a process to cancel the operating permits of the buses of the company Línea Azul, after verifying irregularities. This was following the resolution of the overturn investigation that left six people deceased on Monday. Paula Flores, head of the Control Plan of the Ministry of Transport, argued that «passenger transport companies must be serious companies, must be compliant companies and should never lend themost to commit crimes, because the adulteration or the change from a patent to another vehicle is a crime.» This is why the company is in an administrative process of cancellation of the service, a process that is followed in parallel with the criminal investigation that is being followed by the Public Prosecutor’s Office. We are also looking at the responsibilities that the technical review plant has had in the process of reviewing this bus,» he added. The seremi de Transportes de’uble, Bárbara Kopplin, reported that an administrative process was initiated to the company and that, therefore, it was not authorized to operate the nearly 30 buses registered by Línea Azul. Yesterday, in the formalization of the driver of the overturned machine, O’Higgins’ regional prosecutor(s) Javier Von Bischoffshausen reported that the bus had the patent adulterated and that it was therefore not authorized to hit the road. After being announced from the administrative process, the company will have a few days to file its disclaimers.

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