translated from Spanish: Uruguayan singer Leo Maslíah arrives in Chile for concert and book presentation

Uruguayan singer-songwriter Leo Maslíah (Montevideo, 1954) will arrive in Chile for a series of concerts, in addition to the pres encouragement of his book “The Garbage Bag.”
The release of this book will be held at the Teatro Ictus on August 6, accompanied by singer-songwriter Eduardo Peralta, and the Chilean poet and essayist, Jorge Montealegre, just two days before his long-awaited concert at the Teatro Oriente.
The editorial work SpiralFish is a compilation of 59 stories from the 80s and early 90s, containing several stories that Maslíah told in his recitals, such as “The Quote”, “Change of Heads” and “The Garbage Bag”, which crowned the name of the book.
Humor, hyperbole, absurdity and literality are frequent resources with which Leo Maslíah disarms the Spanish language, and makes it his own Uruguayan variant rioplatense.

In the meantime, the musical proposal will be a reunion to perform “songs and pieces for piano, new and old, own and foreign, in original or free versions, in solo or with expanded Chilean band”, is what the Uruguayan musician and writer promises for his next visit to our country, scheduled for Thursday, August 8 at the Teatro Oriente (21.00 hrs).
On this occasion he will be accompanied on stage by the musicians: Luz Cuadros (clarinet), Felipe Catrilef (bass), César Sotomayor (violin) and Joshua Villalobos (drums).
His music will also arrive solo at the Teatro Cousiño de Duoc UC, Valparaiso, on August 9 at 9 p.m.
Maslíah was recently nominated for the Gardel Awards 2019 – the most important music awards awarded in Argentina – with his album “Leo Maslíah 40 años”, in the category Best Album Song of Author.
Book launch “The Garbage Bag”
August 6 // 19 hours // Editorial SpiralFish
Teatro Ictus – Merced 349, Barrio Lastarria, Santiago.
Freed Entry
Oriente Theatre Concert
August 8 // 21 a.m.
Leo Maslíah with band – Light Frames (Clarinet) Felipe Catrilef (Bass) César Sotomayor (Violin) Josué Villalobos (Drums)
Ticket sales
Teatro Cousiño – Duoc UC Valparaiso
August 9 // 21 a.m.
Leo Maslíah in Concert
Ticket sales at Puntoticket

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