translated from Spanish: Victoria’s Secret says goodbye to beauty stereotypes and cancels annual lingerie parade

After 23 years organizing one of the most popular lingerie parades in the world, the Victoria’s Secret brand decided to permanently cancel the fashion show.
The determination arose after the sharp drop in the parade audience, which reached its lowest television ranking in November last year.
This phenomenon would have occurred after models known as «angels» became the target of criticism for their sexualized image, the extreme thinness of the models and the unreal canons of beauty they represent.
In talks with The Daily Telegraph, Shanina Shaik, model and «angel» of the brand noted: «Unfortunately, it is not going to be held this year. I feel weird, because i’m always training like an angel around this time.»
Following this and a few months later, the CEO of «L. Brands», Les Wexner, confirmed that VFSF would not be broadcast on television and anticipated that they were working on a new show.
«Fashion is a business of change. We must evolve and change to grow. In 2019, and from now on, we will focus on developing exciting and dynamic content and on a new type of event, which will be broadcast to our customers on other platforms stuck to the present day,» he said.
At a time when women’s rights movements have raised their voices, different public figures have joined the struggle for women’s rights vindication.
In this sense, the models that were part of the VSFS have also joined the movement.
For her part, Adriana Lima, one of the most important angels who came to denounce the pressure she suffered for her measures, ruled that she will not «undress again for an empty cause».

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