translated from Spanish: Prostitute murders her children and then as if nothing sells her little spray on Facebook

Photography/Daily Mail
Mundo.- A woman engaged in prostitution in her 23s, murdered her two young daughters and then sold her dresses and pajamas on Facebook. Louise Porton first suffoated Lexi Draper and then strangled Scarlett Vaughan.
Louise Porton of Rugby, Warwickshire, murdered Lexi Draper, three, in January 2018 before attacking her sister Scarlett Vaughan, 16 months old, just 18 days later in February.
Sex-obsessed Porton was jailed for life with a minimum period of 32 years after suffocationing her two daughters less than three weeks apart. The woman had tried to kill Lexi twice before succeeding in January 2018.
After the second attempt, he scored 999 to report that the boy was fit, but paramedics arrived to find Lexi in a «deep state of unconsciousness.»
During admission to the hospital, jurors at the four-week trial heard that Porton sent a man a topless photo from a hospital bathroom and agreed to participate in sex during a photo shoot if the photographer paid cash in your bank account.
Prosecutor Oliver Saxby QC said that during the same period, the mother also passed her number to a hospital security guard and then exchanged 87 messages with him.
The girls’ father, Chris Draper, 25, who never had a chance to meet Scarlett, said he was «broken» after the girls’ deaths
Source: Daily Mail

Original source in Spanish

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