translated from Spanish: Camila Cabello defends herself against her haters

After singer Camila Cabello was constantly criticized by internet users for photographs of her body, she has decided to answer her haters and dedicate an inspiring messages to her followers. Camila explained that she was about to celebrate the second anniversary of her song ‘Havana’ when she found a disturbing headline about her body.

I haven’t been on social media at all with a conscious intention of avoiding things that hurt my feelings,” as she began her long publication. “And my eyes accidentally went down a line of people trying to embarrass my body,” said the singer who said it made her feel insecure.


Cabello explained that she feels that young women are constantly seeing a false reality.

(part 2..) The truth is you decide who you’re going to be. Every day. I’m not talking about talent or success. I just mean the type of person you’re going to be. If you haven’t been very brave, or very social, or wild, or an adventure seeker, if you describe yourself as the opposite of those things… it doesn’t mean you can’t be. The other you need to grab little you by the hand, yank you by the hairs and tell you, “Let’s go.” Little me hasn’t left. I just don’t let her boss me around as much. I felt like sharing because I think sometimes we see other people do things and think “Ah, well.. that’s just not me. I’ve never been like that.” It’s NOT TRUE. I’m telling you. I went from never wanting to sing in front of my family to being addicted to performing, from being too anxious to hang out with new people to… Still being a little but having THE BEST time and making irreplaceable memories. The essence of me is the same, but i’ve changed so much as a person. You choose who you’re going to be. Force yourself to do what you’re afraid of, always- and go after what you want and who you want to be, because you’re worth that. You’re worth the fight. It’s the most worthwhile one there is. Love you ❤️
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They constantly see photos edited with photoshop and think it’s reality and everyone’s eyes get used to seeing the skin with airbrush, and suddenly they think ESA is the norm,” he explained. “It’s not. It’s fake. AND FALSE BECOMES THE NEW REAL”.

The performance of ‘Consequences’ ended with a motivating message for her fans: “You do, cellulite is normal. Fat is normal. It’s beautiful and natural.”

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