translated from Spanish: “Diaspora Sinfónica”, a show with 50 migrant musicians on stage

The Music Orchestra for Integration (WIPO) will hold a concert to commemorate two years of its rescue work and reunion of foreign academic musicians in Chile.
With more than 50 musicians on stage, the orchestra of the Foundation Music for Integration will be presented next Saturday, August 17 at 19:00 hours, at the Auditorium Fundación Telefónica (Providencia 127, Metro Baquedano).
It will be to commemorate all the achievements achieved since its foundation in 2017 thanking Chile for opening its doors to the migrant community and demonstrating how much their musicians bring with them as a contribution to the country, according to a statement.
Rhapsody Of Venechilena
“Diaspora Sinfónica” is a show that, under the baton of the Venezuelan conductor Simón Arias, will give the general public a varied program with works by Rossini and Beethoven and will integrate the premiere of the “Rhapsody Venchilena”, an artistic piece that seeks describe the migration of Caribbean Latinos in Chile, especially Venezuelans.
As described by Arias, its author, the “Rhapsody Venechilena” seeks different points of convergence between cultures, through music. A work that represents the climate of uncertainty and longing that can mean leaving your country without having a definite date to return.
A composition that is associated with various melodies of Chilean folk songs, and then integrate them with different Venezuelan rhythms such as the joropo and drums by the hand of great guest artists such as Afrocosta (Afro-Venezuelan drums), Máximo Gómez ( Guitar) and Ismael Armas (singer).
“Through this story and musical union, it is about showing the appreciation we feel for these lands by opening up a range of opportunities to start over and saying in a symphonic language, that between a cueca and a drum there is more relationship than what we could imagine,” says the composer of the play.
Having completed two years of its founded, the musicians of the “Music Orchestra for Integration” express themost to be proud of all the achievements achieved and clarify that they will maintain their goal of creating the spaces of union, rescue and reunion for all Foreign academic musicians based in the country, in order to provide them with the opportunity to project, generate networks and contribute to Chilean artistic and social development through concerts and the opening of musical training centers.
For Ana Vanessa Marvez, founder and president of the foundation, these two years of much effort have brought her great satisfactions, accomplishments and many new challenges and goals to be met.
“I feel that time has passed too fast and that we lack a lot of things to do, but at the same time I look to the sides and see that in two years we have done enough. Today we are five Children’s Training Cores, a Symphony Orchestra, a Polyphonic Choir, various ensembles, institutional ties, good friends and a beautiful musical family. Two years ago, we were just isolated cases of people touching doors everywhere trying to make ourselves known and working. Now we have a space where we can project ourselves, make ourselves known, generate networks, insert ourselves into the Chilean labor field and even generate our own source of work”, he concludes.

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