translated from Spanish: Macri’s bizarre campaign on social media

A significant number of unsupported and low-activity Twitter accounts, many created at the time, began posting with the hasgtah in support of Mauricio Macri, #YoLoVotoAMM.  But in addition to the zero activity they had previously had and which showed that these were bots, the messages they sent were at least confusing, some even in other languages. “Satisfy Mauritius” and “Huge Caress from Hurlingham” were some of the publications that caught the attention of users, who quickly began to show that these were bots. 

Twitter users took this example as a check that the national government has ‘trolls’ that affect social media, installing themes or attacking opponents.  

However, since officialism they took off from the campaign and ensured that they have no trolls: “We don’t have trolls or bots: we don’t believe in those tools. We only believe in genuine conversations. That annoys those accustomed to manipulation and deception. So much so that some wanted to ruin our move today,” they responded from Together for Change.

Today came out several tweets like the one below, published by followerless bots replicating our #YoVotoMM. We don’t publish them and we don’t know who it was. But surely it was someone who resents the genuine support of the Argentines to Mauritius. — JxC Together for Change (@juntoscambioar)
August 8, 2019

Original source in Spanish

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