translated from Spanish: Mexico must be firm in demanding and giving respect to migrants, Facing hate crimes: Luis Manuel Antúnez

Morelia, Michoacán.- The recent hate crimes that have been recorded in the United States demand unity from Mexicans, and from the Union Congress to the presidency of the republic must assume a position of defending the guarantees of the migrant community, Luis Manuel Antúnez Oviedo, National Delegate of Citizen Movement, expressed.

Mexico must demand respect from other nations and their representatives towards the migrant community, but in parallel and consistent, it must also ensure respect for the human rights of migrants passing through our country, he explained.

Hate crimes are fueled by the positions of its political leadership, so the Mexican government must set aside lukewarmness and double speeches and demand the U.S. government conduct it responsibly and sensibilly, outside of electoral political interests, so as not to encourage or provoke events as regrettable as those recently aroused in the neighbouring country of the north, noted Antúnez Oviedo.
The National Citizen Movement Delegate said that since Donald Trump’s election campaign to become the presidency of the United States we saw a worrying increase in hate crimes on grounds of nationality, where the target of speeches was the Mexicans; and this discourse did not diminish but has increased in tone now that it seeks re-election.
In the face of this, the Mexican government has the high responsibility to, although not interfere in the political life or sovereignty of other nations, demand respect for the human rights of migrants and not to encourage with hatred their peoples that result in violence and crimes.
For now, the government of the republic has only taken care of last weekend’s event, but it has not taken a firm stance on the discourse and narrative of the policy pursued against the migrant community, especially Mexicans.
In addition, in Movimiento Ciudadano we emphasize that it is time for the government of Mexico to firmly rethink the policy of arms procurement before the United States government.
These kinds of events must lead both the Mexican and the American government to create and strengthen a permanent cooperation, and in this the government of our country has a responsibility to be a strong driver before the international community, Antúnez Oviedo highlighted.

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