translated from Spanish: UN: More than 100,000 detainees and missing in Syria

UNITED NATIONS (PA) — Several reports reveal that more than 100,00 people in Syria have been arrested, abducted or their whereabouts unknown during the eight-year conflict in the Middle East country, and the government is primarily responsible, the government said Wednesday, the UN secretary of political affairs. Rosemary DiCarlo urged all parties involved to respond to the Security Council’s request for the release of all detainees arbitrarily and to provide information to families about their loved ones as required by law International.

The secretary told the board that the UN cannot verify the figure of more than 100,000 because it has not been able to access detention sites or inmates in Syria. He added that his information comes from reports corroborated by the Commission of Inquiry on Syria, which was authorized by the UN Human Rights Council and rights-injecting organizations since the conflict began in 2011.HELP US Da Click on the Google News star and follow usReitered the request of UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres for the conflict in Syria to be referred to the International Criminal Court, claiming that accountability for serious violations of rights humanitarian law “is fundamental to achieving and maintaining lasting peace in Syria.” DiCarlo spoke during a meeting following the unanimous adoption by the Security Council in June of the first resolution focused on the thousands of people who have disappeared into conflicts in different parts of the world. The International Committee of the Red Cross, which was entrusted with the 1949 Geneva Conventions to address and monitor the issue of missing persons in conflicts, reported that it recorded more than 45,000 such cases in several countries in the 2018.La Council meeting, initially requested by the United States, offered an unusual opportunity for the UN’s most powerful body to listen directly to the families of detainees.

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