translated from Spanish: Vicente Fox waives protection he asked of AMLO

Mexico.- Through his Twitter account the former president of Mexico, Vicente Fox announced, by personal decision, from August 1, he will no longer have escorts that Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO) gave him. The escorts caring for Vicente Fox were awarded by AMLO because on April 6 the former panist president reported that an armed group stormed his home.

The resignation announcement was via Twitter and the text accompanied him with a letter, announcing his decision to the sedena holder, Luis Cresencio Sandoval.Fox argued that Mexico needs greater financial and protection support to combat the high levels of Criminality.

Mexico needs security! I make it public that as of August 1, I am no longer confident in The SEDENA by choice. The country needs more economic and protection support to combat high levels of crime. — Vicente Fox Quesada (@VicenteFoxQue)
August 8, 2019

In order to inform you and request to remove the security provided (which I am very grateful for), he expressed it to the General.

“Given the difficult situation in the country, I have resolved how to directly attend to my safety, that of my family and the facilities. If you like, we’ll finish the arrangement from August 1.” At the time Andrés Manuel López Obrador detailed that there were 8 elements of the Army that were going to protect Vicente Fox.Even said that protection would be for as long as necessary, since safety must be guaranteed when the integrity of someone.” As long as it takes is going to have this protection as long as it is required and it is already aware that everyone who is looking if it is not a very risky situation or will lessen the risk that can be self-funded” López Obrador said.

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