translated from Spanish: Cornejo, outraged at Martearena: «It’s a lousy sign for good people»

Governor Alfredo Cornejo was at the hard ball with Judge Eduardo Martearena who opposed a life imprisonment sentence against three men who were convicted of murdering the 27-year-old Juan Leonardo Lucero. He said he did not believe that the magistrate «encouraged a tremendous mockery» and asked his advisers to consider initiating a trial jury. A popular jury found Abel (39) and Rafael (41) Yañez and Mariano Gutiérrez (24) guilty of Lucero’s crimes for which they were given life imprisonment. However, Martearena refused the conviction on the grounds that it «does not fulfil the role of resocialization that the penalties must have.»

Judge Eduardo Martearena. Photo: Public Prosecutor’s Office.

Speaking to Radio Mitre Mendoza, Cornejo was outraged and expressed that he never believed that the Judge «would be encouraged to mock this ruling.» The three people who were convicted by a jury trial are sociopaths, they killed a person in cold blood, put them in a suitcase, they burned it. They deserve severe punishment from the rule of law,» he said. He added: «He violated the basic principles of the sanction. I hope the Court will reverse this ruling, which is shortly because it is a very bad sign for criminals who see these rulings. It’s a terrible sign to good people who want sanctions against the commission of crimes of this gravity.» In addition, Cornejo argued that he is considering starting with a request from Jury: «I am asking my advisers to evaluate the issue. I am not inclined to start Jury on issues of interpretation of the rule. I want to study it well, but I’d rather send Jury to a judge for malfunction, for prevaricato, for non-compliance with public servant duties. But not by interpretation of standards, it should be studied well.» However, he indicated that he preferred a ruling in court, but that in parallel «the Court can rule and we initiate the Jury equally», the representative closed. In this note:
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