translated from Spanish: Polish Goldberg warned that they are negotiating with De Felippe and ruled out Holan

Rodrigo Goldberg and Sergio Vargas traveled to Argentina in search of a new coach and a flyer for the U and according to Polish on his arrival in Chile they hope to announce soon the third reinforcement. “I wish I had it this weekend. Unfortunately, it’s not all up to us. To protect the negotiations we establish protocols, we do not want to disturb anyone, neither the technicians nor our work and we want to respect the deadlines,” he said. He also said that “it was a very profitable trip, where we had the opportunity to talk to various people related to technicians and the last reinforcement we want to incorporate. We will most likely have concrete news in the coming days, but we are very pleased with the purpose of the trip.” But he confessed that Pablo Lavandeira is an option. He is a Uruguayan player who is 29 years old, is 1.72 and an attacking midfielder. He had a stint in Chile, played for Antofagasta in 2012 and is currently in The U of Lima. He also referred to the situation in which Hernán Caputto, who took over as interim coach with the illusion that if he does well, he stays in the position. “Be calm for the weekend and get a good result against Antofagasta,” the leader said. However, he also argued that Omar De Felippe “is one of the names in folder, we hope to be able to move forward in these coming days” and ruled out Ariel Holan “it’s very difficult, because we talk to his manager and it’s difficult, but until we have anything tied up no we can drop any strands.” He also explained how they reached the final applicants for the position left by Alfredo Arias. “The first names we are looking for are with club, such as Miguel Angel Russo, Martín Lasarte and Beñat San José. All those names we were looking for at some minute were with club, with commitment, so we had to run the list. The ideal was that I knew and directed here, I wish the U, but it couldn’t, we had to run the list and see other names,” he said. Finally, Goldberg said Sergio Vargas has not returned yet, because he is working on closing the businesses.

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