translated from Spanish: He is seriously injured when he crashes his tractor

Mocorito, Sinaloa.- The alarms were set in the municipality of Mocorito, after a man suffered an accident with his own tractor, which almost took his life. According to the information, the person identified as Victor “N” of 68 years of age, left his home in the community of Las Cabezas, belonging to the municipality of Salvador Alvarado, on his way to work in Mocorito.

Arriving at the place where he works, on a plot which Victor rented, he got off his Tractor of the brand Massey Fergunson, however, he presented some mechanical problems which caused the change to be removed and the subject, following the unit his drive without driver .
According to unofficial version it was said that at approximately 09:00 hours, the owner of the plot was passing by, when he noticed that the tractor was driving without a driver so quickly stopped and when he got off, he found the driver of the unit unconscious and still with vital signs. Realizing the situation, the person quickly called the relief corps, however, seeing the condition of the injured subject, he preferred to put him in his vehicle to take him to the nearest hospital. Fortunately, during his journey, he was intercepted by Red Cross elements and it was these who quickly provided first aid and moved Victor to the city of Guamúchil for better medical care.

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