translated from Spanish: Uncrushed victory of dupla Fernández against Macri-Pichetto in Argentine primaries

Various conflicts and backwards marked the democratic process lived in Argentina today, and despite only minutes ago the news was the claims against the electronic vote-counting system, a platform developed by the questioned Smartmatic company, the current President, Mauricio Macri, publicly went out to acknowledge his defeat to Alberto Fernández.El Mandatario told the people gathered in the official command that «we recognize that we have had a bad choice and that forces us from tomorrow to redouble our efforts so that in October we can get the support to continue the change.» In addition, he added that «in October, perhaps Argentina’s next 30 years will be defined. We listen to people, we believe in democracy and the expression of people, and the level of difficulties we have had in recent years has led to a lot of anguish, a lot of doubt, but I am here to help them, I love this country.» He also said: «It is very important that we continue to dialogue in this country and explain to the world what we want, because isolated we have no future, we have to be part of the world. If we don’t have a clear message to help us, it’s going to be hard to build that country we want.» Macri did not congratulate the winners at any point in their oratory, and ended up carrying some responsibility on voters, noting that «It hurts that today we have not had all the support we expected, tomorrow we will continue to work. To sleep and to start working from tomorrow»The first official information indicates that the formula Alberto Fernández-Cristina Fernández de Kirchner would be defeating Macri-Miguel Angel Pichetto by a very wide difference: 47.01 to 32.66 percent. News in development…

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