translated from Spanish: “Choose glass”, the citizen cause that seeks to be environmentally friendly

For years, a zero waste rate has been sought and national measures have been taken to increase recycling points across the country. Containers for glass recovery began to be installed in urban centers some time ago, however, little is known about the reuse of this material in Chile.
The dissemination of information in this regard is essential for people to know more about the benefits of using and recycling this material. For example “Choose Glass” currently has more than 1,300 collection points of this material between hoods and containers. In addition, it remains focused on increasing its recycling points, both in the Metropolitan Region and nationally.
This citizen cause seeks to promote the benefits of this material through its responsible consumption. It is born from the deep conviction that glass improves people’s quality of life, because it is a noble material that has attributes that positively impact health, environment and nature. It is an innocuous, transparent material that has been constituted as an engine of innovation and entrepreneurship.
The mission of “Choose Glass” is to increase its use and that no glass container or bottle reaches landfills. Among the main qualities of glass is its quality, transparency, sustainability, non-alteration of the flavor of the content and its varied design, that is why it is very important that people are informed about the importance of including more this recycle it to have a positive impact on our quality of life.
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Defined as inorganic, hard and fragile, glass is part of the everyday world and has various uses. Among them is an element of architecture and building for its thermal and acoustic insulation, in addition it can be part of the construction of means of transport.
It is also used in packaging, as an optical resource and even in the production of energy through solar thermal power plants. The truth is that the uses can be varied and the benefits are also varied, what is missing is to expand the information so that the community joins this cause.
But a big problem that we are currently facing is that glass recycling is concentrated in central Chile, so in the regions it decreases considerably.
On the other hand, 69.6% of people say they don’t know where to take the materials and 62.5% believe that you have to have plenty of space to store the materials so you prefer not to use them.
Another conflict is that many people may be unable to approach recycling points by moving bottles or other materials. This is the case for older adults, people with reduced mobility, or those without vehicles. In these cases, it would be helpful to promote home collection initiatives, although these are at a high cost.
That is why the fundamental thing is not only to recycle, but also to prevent the creation of waste. Large companies and even small businesses find big limitations in establishing prevention measures. For example, society in general conditions the manufacture and marketing of products in single-use, smaller-sized packaging against larger, reusable formats, and that is precisely what we are looking to change with this initiative.
The invitation then is to look for those alternatives that benefit the environment and ourselves, unlike paper or cardboard, glass containers can help provide the product with greater protection, both in handling and in the marketing processes.

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