translated from Spanish: Jorge Valdivia: “I offered apologies to the coach, Colo-Colo and the referee”

Midfielder Jorge Valdivia said he apologized to his teammates and explained that he had never had a reaction like Sunday’s before, in his controversial expulsion in Colo Colo’s defeat to O’Higgins. “First I offered the apologies to my teammates, the coach, Colo Colo, the fans, for what happened after the expulsion, and obviously to the referee Hermosilla for the sayings that you already know because of the report he delivered,” Valdivia said at est’s exit. Monumental. “The important thing is to acknowledge the mistakes, that I am not worthy of what football represents, because I have been playing for many years and I never had that reaction, let alone now that I came from along time without playing, and that I will surely be not playing just at a time where I have we all be there,” he added. “I don’t have a good relationship with referees and others I do have a good relationship, but there’s something I’m super clear about, and I’m aware of how bad I was after the expulsion,” he said. Valdivia commented that “I apologize because it is deserved by my teammates and Hermosilla, for what I did after the expulsion.” The former Chilean national will be invited on Tuesday to the Court of Discipline to begin his defense after what happened in El Teniente knowingly that, according to the Penal Code, risks up to five suspension matches for his hard sayings.

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