translated from Spanish: With a nod to “Relentless Search”: Watch the preview of “The House of Flowers”

“I don’t know where you’re hiding or what else you want from us,” with that phrase begins the new and brief preview of the series “La Casa de las Flores”, starring Paulina de la Mora.*Alert Spoilers* The character, played by Cecilia Suarez, expresses a monologue of a mi Nuto, which depicts a WhatsApp audio he sends to Diego, who in the first season betrays the family. 
“You know I don’t have any money anymore, but what I do have are very particular skills, skills that make me a nightmare for people like you,” the woman in the video notes. Then – with a nod of “Relentless Search” and Liam Neeson’s speech – he expresses the phrase “If you don’t, I’ll look for you to the point of exhaustion, I’m going to find you and I’m going to kill you.” The breakthrough generated a huge impact on social media: it harvested more than 200,000 views on Instagram. “No one gets into the Mora’s,” he states the caption. The Pain for Virginia de La Mora

The truth is that the video gained greater strength after the death of the Virginia character of the Mora was confirmed. So confirmed by Manolo Caro, the creator of the series, through his Twitter account.” With all the pain, I must confirm that Virginia de la Mora is dead. The family is very sad, we ask for privacy,” he wrote, referring to the character played by Virginia Castro.
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The House of Flowers
Relentless search

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