translated from Spanish: Entrepreneurs asked for technical studies for reduced working hours

After meeting with finance minister Felipe Larraín, the main business guilds referred to projects that seek to reduce working hours (to 40 hours in the case of the PC and to 41 for the government) and requested to explain the technical studies of the i niciatives.
The president of the Confederation of Production and Trade (CPC), Alfonso Swett, said that «The discussion regarding the two projects of the labor issue has been seen as a communicative battle. We’ve been clear, this has to be looked at systemically.»
«We know from our studies that the projects under discussion affect Chile’s potential GDP over the next 10 years by between 0.3% and 0.5%, but once and for all, let’s put the studies into it,» he added.
The president of the Fabril Development Society (Sofofa), Bernardo Larraín Matte, said that «it is a systemic issue that is not simply to reduce the day, this can be costly for the economy, it is costly for potential growth, and therefore we are open to a the debatable issue must be discussed, technical issues must be put into question, and that is why we attach so much importance to the political process improves its standard.»
Larraín Matte also addressed the position of entrepreneurs in the face of the reduction of the day projects and stated that «We are 100% aligned, here as the president of the CPC said this is a systemic, complex issue and cannot be addressed through a bill that has a line like that of the Member Vallejo… you have to consider a lot of variables. There is no doubt that we align ourselves with the challenge of modernizing the work code to incorporate greater degrees of flexibility.»

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