translated from Spanish: Erick Pulgar wrote emotional message on Instagram after his arrival at Fiorentina

Erick Pulgar was happy to arrive at Fiorentina. Through his Instagram account, the steering wheel of the Chilean national team referred to his arrival in the Italian squad. «I want to personally thank the president of Fiorentina, who had a lot of intention to bring me,» the anti-top opagastino began.» A great team is being born. To become part of this society and this project is a great source of pride and ambition for me, so I agreed to come to this beautiful city,» he added. «I will do my best, as I always have, and I will give everything of myself in training and also in matches,» he said. Pulgar was clear with his goals in his new team: «I hope to achieve great things for my new fans and help take Fiorentina to the top,» he said. Bologna will always be in my heart. I have a lot of friends. From now on I just want to think and concentrate on this new adventure,» he said. The publication was commented on by The Captain of the Chilean National Team, Gary Medel. «Big my skinny. A lot of success in everything that comes. You deserve it. Big hug, crack!» he wrote. Enzo Roco also sent him his support. «I’m so happy for your hand!! Success in your new stage,» he posted.

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