translated from Spanish: Fernandez: «We must let the government act»

The candidate for president of the Frente de Todos, Alberto Fernández, reiterated that «the Government must act» to resolve the economic instability generated by the dollar rises and the country risk of the last two days, and argued that the Maurici administration or Macri «has the tools and tools to do it.» On Friday they said that these same markets were happy and finally what happened happened,» Fernandez said The Peronist candidate, who was triumphant in last Sunday’s STEPS by a 15-point difference over President Macri, he raised that «what you have to understand is that this is an issue that the Government created and the government has to resolve,» so he called for «leaving the government to act.» There’s nothing we can do. We have neither the state’s button nor any power to solve these problems,» Fernandez added in dialogue with the A24 channel, referring to the $58.30 dollar closing on Tuesday and the country’s 1,771-point turn. After clarifying that he «expects» the Government to «find the solution,» the Front of All applicant noted that Macri’s administration «has the tools and tools to be able to solve it.»
«This economic weakness has been raised for a long time, and what I want the least is to make life more complicated,» he said of his role as an opponent, adding, «Finally what i had been proposing was going to happen.» 

On the possibility of being summoned by the Casa Rosada, Fernández insisted that it is the Government that «has to find solutions», although he clarified: «If they appear and are in favor of the people, I will help». In this note:

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